Final Assessment

Looking at my classmates portrait i can can see the various lines and as well as textures she incorporated within her picture. When looking at this picture the first thing that stands out to me is the texture within the hair, it sort of becomes a focal point for the artwork. On one hand the portrait conveys most point of the elements as well as distributing the negative spaces without using black; however i feel that she could have presented various values in the face to make it stand out more. Besides the obvious warm colors in the portrait it gives off a cool feeling. The perception of this picture and the emotion is happy(obviously from the smile).

Self Assessment:

The basis for my picture was doing a monochromatic scale. to make negative space within my portrait i used black as the back ground to make it stand out. Being that my piece is asymmetrical i tried to give a visual effect by making the left side of my face fade into the background. Looking at my portrait, the weaknesses it possesses it too much of the same in color in various places on the picture; however i added white in certain places of the portrait to expand the picture and separate some of the colors.